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Visitor's e-PASS

About the Visitor's e-PASS

Roam's Visitor's e-PASS is suitable for short term users of Sydney toll roads.

You can open your Visitor's e-PASS on this website before, or up to 3 Days after your first trip on a Sydney toll road.

With a Roam Visitor's e-PASS:

  • you will be able to drive one vehicle on Sydney toll roads for a period up to 30 days (can be extended if required).
  • you will be charged the toll plus $0.75 Vehicle Matching Fee for each trip on a Sydney toll road.
  • there is a Start-Up Fee of $1.50 for each Visitor's e-PASS opened on this website (compared to $3.30 when opened elsewhere - you will save $1.80 if you open your Visitor's e-PASS on this website)
  • you will be asked to provide your credit card details (Visa or Mastercard accepted) - all Visitor's e-PASS charges will be charged to this credit card.

Terms and conditions

Prior to opening a Roam Visitor's e-PASS please familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions in the Roam Privacy Code and Customer Service Agreement. To proceed with opening your Visitor's e-PASS, you are required to agree to the Customer Service Agreement

If you have any questions, please contact us or call 13 8655.

The Visitor's e-PASS may not be suitable for you:

  • Roam suggests the e-TAG Account for frequent users of Westlink M7 and other toll roads.

Click here to open a Visitors e-PASS account.
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