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How to pay your Westlink M7 toll

Westlink M7doesn't have toll booths or boom gates so you'll travel seamlessly at motorway speeds and pay via electronic tolling.

  • If you use toll roads frequently apply now for an e-TAG account (Works on any toll road in Australia)
  • If you plan to use Westlink M7 occasionally apply now for an e-PASS account for Westlink M7 (Only works on Westlink M7)
  • Visiting Sydney? Open a Visitor's e-PASS for Westlink M7
  • (Only works on Westlink M7)

e-TAG account for frequent users

The Roam e-TAG Account is pre-paid. The toll is charged via an e-TAG which beeps at each toll point. e-TAGs work on all toll roads, bridges and tunnels in Australia.

Tolling solutions for your business

e-PASS - no tag required

When you set up a Roam e-PASS you register your number plate with us and each time you use Westlink M7 your tolls, plus a 75 cent vehicle matching fee, are charged to your account. It's important to note, the Roam e-PASS account for Westlink M7 only works on Westlink M7.

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