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News - FETC 20 Jan 2012

Hills M2 and Eastern Distributor Cashless from 30 January

The Minister for Roads, Duncan Gay, and the operators of the Hills M2 and Eastern Distributor motorways have announced the conversion of both motorways to cashless operations on 30 January 2012.

The motorways will convert to cashless tolling at 12.01am (one minute past midnight on 29 January).

This means a simpler, easier and safer journey for motorists, as well as reducing the impact of vehicle noise and emissions on residents.

Expect some changes to normal driving conditions from 30 January. Motorists are advised to drive with care and to follow the signs.

A valid payment arrangement can be made up to 48 hours following the first trip on any of Sydney's motorways.

Benefits of the cashless tolling

  • Increased speed limits and no queuing at cash booths will reduce congestion and improve travel times on the motorways.
  • Enhanced safety of motorway operations by reducing lane changing, merging and weaving by cash booths.
  • Simpler and easier by removing the need to have the right money, fumble for coins or plan ahead.

The conversion to cashless operations will also reduce the impacts of emissions and vehicle noise on local residents by reducing need to stop and restart driving conditions, with braking and accelerating.

How to pay

Changed traffic conditions

Motorists should expect changes to normal traffic conditions on both motorways. These changes will involve lane realignments and changes to speed limits.

Motorists are advised to plan ahead, drive with care and follow the signs.

On the Hills M2, an interim arrangement involving changed traffic conditions will be in place during the construction of the Hills M2 Upgrade. Changes to normal traffic conditions will take place at the main toll plaza and Pennant Hills Road toll plazas:

  • Main toll plaza, North Ryde - changes to lane alignment will take place through the toll plaza. Motorists exiting at Christie Road off-ramp will no longer divert from the main carriageway in advance of the tolling point. The main carriageway will be temporarily sign-posted at 60km/h while the Hills M2 Upgrade is completed.
  • Pennant Hills Road toll plazas - changes to lane configurations will require all traffic to pass through each Pennant Hills toll plaza in a single lane.

On the Eastern Distributor, the removal of cash facilities will allow the sign-posted speeds through tolling points to be lifted to 60km/h helping to reduce travel times for motorists.

  • Main toll plaza - three traffic lanes will be available through the main toll plaza and will be sign-posted at 60km/h.
    • Lane 1 (slow lane) - for traffic accessing the CBD, Macquarie Street and City North.
    • Lane 2 and 3 (middle and fast lanes) - for traffic accessing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel, North Sydney and Newcastle.
  • William Street toll plaza - two traffic lanes will be available through the William Street toll plaza.

Motorists are reminded to be aware and drive with care.

Further information

For more information on tolling products, including e-TAGs and Visitor's e-PASSes, click here.

For more information on the Hills M2 Upgrade, visit or contact 1800 196 266 or via

For more information on the Eastern Distributor, visit or call 8356 2200.

For up to date traffic information contact the Transport Management Centre at or 132 701.

To learn more about Sydney toll roads and electronic tolling visit

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