If you use Westlink M7 regularly, an e-TAG account will save you money.  

  • Choose a $40 refundable e-TAG deposit or $0.90 monthly rental fee
  • $50 opening balance per tag (toll credit)
  • No monthly admin fee when you set your account to automatic top-up
  • Pay with credit card, direct debit or BPAY ($50 minimum top-up)
  • Valid for use on all Australian toll roads
  • Unlimited vehicles on one account
  • Eligible for M5 Cashback

Photo of Westlink M7 road  

Arrive sooner and reduce your fees

Photo of Westlink M7 road  

Imagine you travel from Prestons to West Baulkham Hills multiple times a week. Using an e-TAG account on Westlink M7 will save you money and cut your travel time. It's the easy, low-cost way to get to where you need to be, sooner.


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