Travelling with a Visitor's e-PASS is a convenient and affordable option for one-off trips or infrequent travel on toll roads. The following fees will apply.

Type Description
Account maintenance fee Online: $0.25 for each modification made via the Roam website
Call centre: $2 (fee not applicable for balance enquiries)
Add a vehicle to your account

Online: free on account opening. Any vehicles added to your pass more than 24 hours after set-up will incur a $0.25 fee
Call centre: $2 per vehicle to existing accounts

Referred to as Additional Number Plate Registration Fee in the Visitor's e-Pass Customer Service Agreement

Minimum top up amount

The amount necessary to return your account balance to $0

Referred to as Agreed Replenishment Amount in the Visitor's e-Pass Customer Service Agreement

Start-up fee Online: $1.50
Call centre: $3.30
Statement fee

Online: Free download
Email: Free 

Additional statement requested: $3.60

Post: $5.00

Tolls See toll pricing page for details
Top up trigger

Trigger: -$10

When the total value of your trips reaches a minimum $10, an amount will be charged to your nominated credit card to bring your balance back to $0

Vehicle Matching Fee $0.75 per trip in NSW (matching fees may differ in other states)

Fees last updated December 2015. Prices include GST unless otherwise noted.

Roam Visitor's e-PASS Customer Service Agreement