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Customer Charter

Our promises to you

Roam is committed to providing you first class customer service every day.

We have put together a set of customer promises that cover our service to you.


Reporting on our performance

So how do you know if we keep our promises? It's simple. We've set some targets against which we'll report every six months.

You'll be able to see online how we perform and where we need to do more work. The first report was published online in January 2007.


Where to go if there's a problem

In most cases we'll be able to solve your problem the first time. If your problem is not resolved, it may be referred to our Customer Care Group for further investigation and resolution. If we still haven't addressed your concern to your satisfaction you can raise it with Customer Resolutions.

If you are still not satisfied with the outcome your case can be reviewed by the Tolling Customer Ombudsman and we will abide by the Ombudsman's ruling.

Resolving problems
Tolling Customer Ombudsman

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