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Roam promises

A better way to get to your destination

We want to make using toll roads easier and more enjoyable for you.

Here's how we'll do it,and how you can see the results.

In serving you we promise...

Customer service you can rely on and trustYou can expect friendly and efficient service from Roam. If there is a problem we will fix it, most of the time during the first contact. We will acknowledge our mistakes and ensure that any incorrect charges are rectified.
Easy accessWe will make it easy to get an e-TAG account or an e-PASS account. We will also make it easy to make payments and have your questions answered at any time. We provide a choice of places and ways to pay.
Clear, concise communication and informationYou can expect clear and friendly communication that helps you understand your account.
Swift problem resolution and independent reviewYou can expect any problems to be resolved swiftly and fairly. If your problem is not resolved at the first contact it can be considered by the Roam Customer Care Group and Customer Resolutions. If it is still not resolved you can raise it with the Tolling Customer Ombudsman and we will abide by the Ombudsman's ruling.
Respect for personal informationWe will respect and protect your personal information at all times.
To listen and improveWe will seek feedback from our customers so we can continue to improve our services.

Thank you for taking the time to read our promises.

If you have any questions or feedback please email or call us on 13 86 55.

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