How do I install an e-TAG in a heavy commercial vehicle?

Your e-TAG will arrive activated and ready for use. It comes with a holder that sticks firmly to your vehicle’s windscreen.

Below are instructions for installing C and D-type e-TAGs. For A/B-type e-TAGS, refer to our e-TAG installation guide.

To install your e-TAG

1. Insert e-TAG into holder

Slide the e-TAG into its holder until it clicks into place. Leave the backing on the adhesive for now.

What your e-TAG looks like

2. Decide where to place your e-TAG

Before removing the backing from the adhesive, trial fit the e-TAG on your windscreen a few centimetres above the dashboard. D-type e-TAGs should be aligned horizontally while C-type e-TAGs align vertically.

Ensure there are at least 7cm between the e-TAG and other objects. This will allow you to easily remove your e-TAG from the holder.

The correct position for installing your HCV e-TAG

3. Stick the e-TAG in position

Once you've found the best place for your e-TAG, use the wipe that came with it to clean the windscreen and allow it to dry.

Remove the adhesive backing from the holder and press the e-TAG firmly against the windscreen for 1 minute. Keep the e-TAG in its holder for at least 24 hours to allow the adhesive to set.

How your e-TAG should be installed

It's important to ensure your e-TAG is correctly installed and working. If your e-TAG is incorrectly installed, it won't be detected and you may incur a no tag in vehicle fee or receive a toll notice.