How do I add a car to my account after I've used a toll road?

You can cover your trips on certain toll roads* even after you've travelled. Provided it's within 7 days of the date you travelled, add the car to your account and you'll be covered.

When adding the car to your account, you'll have a choice to set a start and end date. The start date can be backdated by up to 7 days. If you travelled more than 7 days ago a toll notice will be sent to the car's registered owner. 

Add a car to your account after you've driven in 3 easy steps:

  1. log into the Vehicles section of your account 
  2. select Add another vehicle
  3. fill in the car's details and then select I want to set a start and end time for this vehicle

We'll match the licence plate to your account and any trips will be charged to your account along with a no tag in vehicle fee.

If the car is borrowed be sure to set an end date so that you're not paying for someone else's travel. Once the end date has passed, the car will be automatically removed from your account.

If you're driving a rental car you should check the policy of the rental company first and follow their advice.


*Backdating is only available for travel on Eastern Distributor, Hills M2, Lane Cove Tunnel & Military Road E-Ramp, WestConnex M4 and Westlink M7 in NSW and CityLink in Victoria. If you have travelled on Sydney Harbour Bridge & Tunnel, or M5 South-West Motorway account backdating is not available.