How do I close the account of someone who has died?

We understand that in this time of loss you need to manage the affairs of the deceased in a quick and efficient manner. We extend our condolences and our customer care team are here to work with you.

You can choose to either close the account or transfer it into another person's name.

Notify us

An authorised representative of the Estate can notify us via email, phone, or mail, with any of the following documents:

  • a letter confirming you are the executor or administrator of the Estate
  • a letter from a trustee or solicitor administering the Estate
  • a letter confirming Power of Attorney
  • a copy of the death certificate
  • a copy of the death notice

You can also act on behalf of an account holder if you are an authorised customer contact on the account. 

When notifying us please include:

  • your name
  • the account number of the deceased
  • a copy of one of the documents listed above (if you are not an authorised contact on the account)
  • your preferred method of contact (phone, email or mail)
  • your instruction to have the account closed or to transfer ownership (if transferring the account a death certificate is required).

You can provide this information by contacting our customer care team, emailing, or mailing:
Roam Tolling Pty Ltd
Locked Bag 5002
Parramatta NSW 2124

Any billing or direct debit arrangements will be cancelled as soon as we commence processing your request.

Send back any e-TAGs

After you've notified us, please post back the e-TAGs associated with the account.

Mail them to:
Roam Return Tags
Reply Paid 87333
Locked Bag 2006

If for any reason you can't return the e-TAGs, please advise us.

What happens next?

After you've provided the required information and returned the e-TAGs associated with the account our customer care team will process the request and issue a refund cheque (where applicable) to the Estate.

If required we may contact you via your preferred method to help complete the request.

If you have requested to transfer the account, we will send you transfer documentation which will require your signature to take ownership of the account. Please allow 7 business days for this transfer to be completed.

What if I don't have authority to act?

Please contact our customer care team for help gaining authority to act.