What are no tag in vehicle fees?

No tag in vehicle fees are charged for matching your licence plate number to your e-TAG or commercial account.

If you travel on a toll road without an e-TAG, a photograph of your licence plate number is taken and then checked against our records.

If your e-TAG is not detected, you'll be charged a no tag in vehicle fee of $0.75 for the Westlink M7 or $0.55 for other Sydney toll roads (per toll road, per trip). If you are travelling interstate, no tag in vehicle fees may be different. This can happen if your e-TAG isn't correctly installed or is faulty.

e-TAG not beeping?

Ensure your e-TAG is correctly installed in your car or heavy commercial vehicle. If your e-TAG is correctly installed and still not beeping, it may be faulty. If you need to arrange a replacement e-TAG, contact our customer care team.