How to spot a hoax phone call, email or SMS

Look out for the following suspicious activities, they may help you spot and avoid fraud and scams.

Signs of a phishing scam

  • sender's email address or phone number doesn't match your service provider
  • your email address or phone number is different to the one on your account
  • the message begins with a generic greeting
  • the brand or logo is slightly different to your normal service provider
  • a link may seem legitimate but it takes you to a suspicious looking site, where the branding and design doesn't exactly match
  • the message requests personal information such as credit card details
  • the message contains an attachment

Signs of a suspicious phone call

  • you've been specially selected for an offer
  • you have to make your mind up straight away
  • your credit card details are needed over the phone

Signs of an SMS scam

  • the message urges you to respond quickly
  • it asks for your credit card details
  • on first glance, it may appear to come from a trusted source