What to do if there is a fire in the tunnel

  • If you can, drive until you have exited the tunnel
  • If that's not possible, stop your vehicle in a breakdown bay
  • As a last resort, simply pull over to the side of the lane
  • Turn on your hazard lights and switch off your engine
  • Exit your vehicle after checking for oncoming traffic, or exit from the passenger side and get behind a barrier
  • Use an emergency phone on the tunnel wall to call for help
  • If in doubt about your safety, leave the tunnel via the nearest exit

Overhead sprinkler system

The tunnel's overhead sprinkler system activates when it senses a fire. Do not drive through an operating sprinkler system.

Warnings and smoke

If you are approaching a tunnel and are warned of a fire in the tunnel or see smoke:

  • do not enter the tunnel
  • stop outside and wait for instructions from tunnel personnel, emergency services or the police
  • turn on your radio and follow any instructions provided

How to evacuate

  • If instructed to evacuate, stop your vehicle, turn off your engine, and leave your keys in the car's ignition
  • Move away from the smoke or fire and leave via the nearest exit
  • If you need assistance, put your hazard lights on and call for help

Do not stay in your vehicle once instructed to evacuate.