Westlink is resurfacing the M7 motorway. This work is being done as part of a three-year maintenance program to replace the top layer of asphalt which is reaching the end of its lifespan. 

Resurfacing will be done in three stages:

  • Stage 1 starts in early 2017 from Prestons to Cecil Park
  • Stage 2 is scheduled for 2018 from Cecil Park to Glendenning
  • Stage 3 is scheduled for 2019 from Glendenning to Baulkham Hills

Stage 1 Prestons to Cecil Park

Resurfacing for Stage 1 is being done between the M5/M7 Cutler VC Interchange, and 2km north of Elizabeth Drive at Cecil Park. This work involves removing and replacing the top layer of open grade asphalt on the M7 motorway to all northbound and southbound lanes, and exit/entry ramps, then finishing with line marking. The Westlink M7 General Community Notification letter can also be read and downloaded.

Work dates

Resurfacing will start on 15 January 2017 and is expected to be finished by mid-May, 2017, weather permitting.

Work hours

To minimise the impact to road users, resurfacing will be done at night. Our work hours will be from Sunday to Thursday, between 8pm and 5am, with the exception of some Saturday nights, where our work hours will be between 8pm and 7am.

Traffic impacts

To do the work safely and efficiently, there will be changes to traffic conditions on the M7 motorway, including speed reductions, lane closures and contra-flow arrangements.

All changes to traffic conditions will be clearly marked with signage. Road users are advised to plan ahead and allow extra travel time. Check livetraffic.com for information on changes to traffic conditions on the M7.

How Westlink is managing Traffic and Noise Impacts

There will be noise associated with this work. Westlink M7 is implementing a range of measures to help reduce the impact on road users and residents, including:

  • Keeping community informed about the work and what we are doing to minimise impacts
  • Ensuring speed limits are clearly sign posted on illuminated variable speed limit signs and static roadwork signs
  • Displaying messages on VMS boards with directions for detour routes
  • Only allowing vehicles and machinery needed to do the work, on the road
  • Programming the work so that nearby residents will not be directly affected for more than two consecutive nights
  • Arranging work so that the noisiest activities are completed by 11pm, where possible
  • Maintaining low speeds and slow movements for trucks, where possible
  • Using non-intrusive reverse beepers on machinery (quackers)
  • Completing work as quickly as possible.

Review of Environmental Factors (REF)

A Review of Environmental Factors has been prepared for the determining authority, Roads and Maritime Services under Part 5 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act). Download the M7 Asphalt Resheeting Stage 1 REF.

Stay informed

Check the Westlink M7 website for regular news and notifications, download the Live Traffic NSW app or visit livetraffic.com for updates.

For information about the M7 Resurfacing (Stage 1), call 1300 677 623 or email info@westlinkm7.com.au