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Pay Toll Notice

Toll Notices

A Toll Notice is a payment request for using the toll roads without a valid arrangement (tolling account or pass). M7 Westlink and other toll road operators issue Toll Notices for this travel and each notice is addressed to the registered owner of the vehicle using details obtained from the State Vehicles Registration Authority (EG:RMS Roads and Maritime Services). Payment must be received by the due date to avoid an Infringement Notice being issued.

Pay a Toll Notice

Here you can pay for a Toll Notice for travel on the Westlink M7 or several other NSW Toll Road using your electronic tag account or a credit card.


Pay other Toll Notice Online

If you have received a Toll Notice from one of the below Toll Roads, please click on the link to pay the Toll Notice.

Sydney Harbour Bridge or Tunnel
M5 South-west Motorway
Melbourne CityLink
Gateway Bridge & Logan Motorway
Go Between Bridge
Airport Link

Why did I receive a Toll Notice?

If you are unsure as to why you have received a Toll Notice, please review our extensive Toll Notice FAQ Section.

Search for Toll Notice

Have you received a Toll Notice and want to see if you have any other outstanding Toll Notices? You can search for Toll Notices using your vehicle registration number


Avoid Future Toll Notices

To avoid receiving future Toll Notices you can set up on Account or Buy a Pass to cover travel on the Toll Roads.