My Visitor’s e-PASS login isn’t working

We’ve made some improvements to the way our customers access our online services.

In the past, you may have logged in using your licence plate number, followed by a 4-digit PIN. From Sunday 5 June 2016, you’ll need a username and password. We’ve made this change to make it easier for you to recover your username or reset your password if you get locked out of your account.

If you bought your e-PASS before Sunday 5 June 2016, you’ll need to set up a new username and password. All you need to do is head to our login page and we’ll guide you through the process. You’ll need your 4-digit PIN and the email address you provided when you bought your e-PASS.

If you didn’t provide us with an email address, don’t worry. Contact our customer care team and we’ll help you out.