I've received a Roam Tolling debt collection letter, what should I do?

Roam Tolling Pty Ltd (Roam) operates the Westlink M7 toll road in Sydney.

When you travel on Westlink M7 without a valid pass or account, a toll notice requesting payment for your trip plus additional admin fees will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle.

Overdue toll notices may be referred to a debt collection agency, if for example:

•      both the first toll notice and the final reminder toll notice have gone unpaid,

•      the total amount you owe exceeds $250, and/or

•      you have more than 10 unpaid toll notices owing against your licence plate number.

A demand letter may then be issued from the debt collection agency and Roam Tolling Pty Ltd (Roam) requesting you to pay your overdue toll notices.

If you receive a letter from Roam Tolling Pty Ltd (Roam) and one of our authorised collection agencies, please pay the total amount owing or call the agency listed in the letter immediately to discuss your options.

If you are having difficulty paying, our debt collection partners can work with you to negotiate settlement terms or tailor a repayment plan that works for you. Their staff include trained financial counsellors who can help negotiate a reasonable and manageable amount for you to pay.